3rd season Ang Probinsyano Pinoy TV Show

The season three of Ang Probinsyano is present in book two. This book is based on the terrorist activities that were taking place at that time in Philippine. This book is titled “Terrorism Arc”. This season tells about the struggle of Cardo to prevent crime in country even after his retirement. The season three based upon the life journey of Cardo after his retirement.

Cardo after retirement did not tend to sit idle but he joined the organizations in the country in which he served the country illegally to eradicate all kinds of criminal activities that led to the destruction of the economy of the country, Philippine. Pulang Araw was the area of the terrorist group. A sleeper cell with code name Buwitre was a member of the Pulang Araw terrorist group. Buwitre literally means vulture. He was led to the police officials by a person Romulo Dumagit alias. He led the Buwitre to the National Defense Agency Director named Renato Hipolito.

3rd season Ang Probinsyano Pinoy TV Show

He trapped Pulang Araw to maintain his position and to manage his career in the senate. Hipolito was helped by a general Manolo Catindig to contact a criminal lobby of Pulang Araw named Kamandag which literally means venom, with help of the Homer Adlawan alias named as Alakdan which literally means scorpion, to organize terrorist activities. The terrorist activities of the Alakdan led to great destruction in the country.

3rd season Ang Probinsyano Pinoy TV Show

The only son of Cardo named Ricky Boy was killed in the bombing activity organized by the Alaskan. After this mishap, Cardo decided to return to the police service as a mounted police officer. Cardo became successful in his first attempt to expose the Pulang Araw terrorist members who were hired by Hipolito. He captured a group of Pulang Araw in the area of Mt. Arayat.

After the imprisonment of the terrorist group of Pulang Araw in Mt. Arayat camp, he was facing the threats. Cardo’s second wife Aurora was tragically killed by the terrorists during the cardo’s mission against the Pulang Araw terrorists. She was shot in the stomach and she couldn’t survive that. Hipolito managed to settle the operation with the SAF team which led to the killing of 46 out of 50 SAF’s officers and the rest of the three were captured.

The last SAF officer was Cardo who was shot by Alaskan. But he survived the attack. He somehow managed to remove his uniform and went away from the access of the Pulang Araw terrorist group. Cardo was finally rescued by the Romulo Dumagit Alias and his daughter. They cured him. After some time when Cardo was finally able to get up in consciousness, he realized that he has another opportunity to manage to knock down the Pulang Araw terrorist organization which was a person Fernan. Cardo finally became successful in winning the trust of Pulang Araw founder and is introduced in the organization with the name Agila which literally means eagle.

Fernan became a part of the Cardo’s plan and worked in various missions with Cardo against the criminal organizations. Fernan soon realized that their image posed to the public was merely based on lies which were due to the dirty campaigns organized by Hipolito Pinoy Tambayan Flix. In Manila, the rumors about Cardo Pulang Araw’s companionship got his family into confusion.

Rumors spread about the survival of Cardo and his disloyalty with the Pulang Araw. Hipolito and Major Catindig used the rumors in order to ruin the character and integrity of the Cardo. This causes Cardo to expose his reality which made his survival difficult. His companions became his enemies and he has to face some jealous persons such as Tigre. His companions and Tigre both were trying to expose him as a fraud.

Soon after that, he came to know that Pulang Araw was not behind the terrorist activities. He won the trust of Alakdan to capture Kamandag. During his mission against Kamandag, he was exposed to the reality that three of his SAF’s officials were in custody of Pulang Araw.

He helped them manage to escape from Pulang Araw. Cardo then revealed the reality in front of his officers that there was some unknown government official who was responsible for covering Kamandag and portray Pulang Araw responsible for all the terrorist activities. Both officers realized that whoever the hidden government personality was behind covering Kamandag also trying to defame Cardo. Both the officials summoned a press conference and approved the news of Cardo’s death. They told the press that Cardo was killed during the escape mission from Pulang Araw with them. This news maintained the cover of Cardo.

Cardo won the trust of Alakdan and manage to eliminate the Hipotilo’s worst enemy in the senate by setting up and bursting up the bomb in the senate just before de Silva announced his candidacy. But Cardo caused the disturbance in senate before bursting the bomb and manages to capture de Silva. He violated Kamandag and take revenge of his son’s death. Cardo send the wounded Alakdan and the other members to Pulang Araw informing them with Alakdan’s betrayal. At last Cardo was ended up being a loyal and honest PAF-SAF officer. That was all about season three of Ang Probinsyano.